I’m definitely passionate about photography and I use this passion to feed my soul and ego. For my clients  I can take them ideas to a new level with a great experience. Every time we seek to tell a story through the moments that we capture even when we create unique projects.  We constantly expanding portfolio of photographs to produce visually appealing images and reflect the professionalism.  We are open to working with  make-up artists, designers, online publications and websites in the following areas:  events, fashion editorial, beauty editorial, retouching and sport events.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project or idea you want to put it in practice.



Janos Cherestes

As the CEO i’m the main photographer but i have one of the best team of retouchers, make up artist, videographer, when we are working for big clients.

We handle:

Commercial photography (stock and creative)

Professional  retouching

Beauty, Fashion

People Events, Corporate

Our work involves:

Professional Retocuhing

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