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Festina watch F16566

Hi to all my readers, I’m working on a new project with what I like the most, Watches and this time is a Festina F16566 this watch comes in many colors. I’m using 2 studio lights Elinchrom D-Light-4 IT bought from WWW.F64.RO for a great deal. Here is a snapshot of the work in progress because I still have to finish the retouching and marketing stile. For the final image and other product photos you can click  -=HERE=-

Food photography

Hi all, In this short post, i just need to share with you some great videos about the business of being a photographer. On our http://www.photigy.com community Alex made it happen to have a great interview with a great photographer Rob Andrew who started this business from scratch, take your time and listen to this great video. I hope this video can help you to have the courage to pursue your dream like I just did. I QUIT MY DAY JOB TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER !!!