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RedBull Romaniacs2023

Back in the action with RedBull Romaniacs capturing the event called vertical madness. Congrats to all the riders. Here you can view more pictures.

Carpathian MTB Epic

Since the 2020 year started not so strong with sports events slowly everything goes down with the covid19 pandemic and the race was postponed for 2021, let’s hope 2021 will be a safer year for sport. I think all the photographers were hoping to get better by the summer, and personally, I was so excited to go back to the Carpathian mountains to document once again the race in 2020. You can read some articles from riders about how is to ride in Romania Stronger, at the same time do not forget to visit the Carpathian MTB Epic web site and enjoy the videos and pictures.  Here are some pictures to make you wish to ride in Romania Carpathians 🙂  To read more about check the INTERNATIONAL MTB MAGAZINE  

Scott Spark 930 – 2016

For a great ride on the woods, trails, or race you need a great bike with a great feel and the newest geometry, the Scott spark 930 is one of them, and i can tell you as a bike rider this is on of my favourites bike too. Now the winter is on his final round we made some great pictures of this bike and also some great rides last year on xc race and some relaxing marathons. Enjoy the pictures and do not forget to check out the newest models! Thank you scott bikes for the time to develop such a great bike.  

Schwalbe rocket ron evolution

For those who do not know, I am addicted and a very passionate bicyclist, if you are following my Instagram account you really know about this, and today we had the honor to shoot the new Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evolution tire for a simple and fast pack shoot. For those who are asking about the light setup that we used is 3 light. This tire looks fast rolling and the weight is fantastic only 495g. For more tire choice you can visit the Schwalbe Web site  

Bicycle shoot

On 19th of February we had a small photo shoot of 2 nice bikes one is a Felt Road bike and the second one is a Gravel bike Raleigh Mustang Sport (2016) We started a small collaboration for test bikes and other accessories with and here are the first reviews for the bikes that we shot. Watch the teaser for the Gravel Bike And some nice SHIMANO MW7 shoes if you are in to bike fashion 🙂

Stunt Biker

2 weeks ago the weather was quite nice but a bit cold -14 degrees Celsius and my buddy Horia requested some pictures while he is drifting on ice. You can see he had some real fun doing his thing. After his warm-up, I made some simple shots and I decided to make a dramatic shot while he is making a rear wheel burn but we had to have fun until the sun set. The big surprise came after 2 days, the first picture was selected by as PHOTO OF THE DAY

Festina watch F16566

Hi to all my readers, I’m working on a new project with what I like the most, Watches and this time is a Festina F16566 this watch comes in many colors. I’m using 2 studio lights Elinchrom D-Light-4 IT bought from WWW.F64.RO for a great deal. Here is a snapshot of the work in progress because I still have to finish the retouching and marketing stile. For the final image and other product photos you can click  -=HERE=-

Food photography

Hi all, In this short post, i just need to share with you some great videos about the business of being a photographer. On our community Alex made it happen to have a great interview with a great photographer Rob Andrew who started this business from scratch, take your time and listen to this great video. I hope this video can help you to have the courage to pursue your dream like I just did. I QUIT MY DAY JOB TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER !!!

Ecco Biom

I’m working on a new project Ecco Biom Lite and I want to try something different, that the standard product shots something creative. Three years ago I joined the Photigy group were we are a big community of professional photographers and also passionate photographers who pursue the dream to become a professional photographer. I will combine my knowledge and some tips and trick that I learned from our mentor the Light Magician Alex Koloskov. Here is the preview of my final shot, if your passion is photography join us on the Facebook community

Glass of Beer

For my birthday I did not have a big party like years ago, but I spend it with my dear fiancé and made a small photoshoot of a glass of beer. Here is a preview and after I will polish it in post-production it will take a place in my portfolio. What do you think of it?